24vac to 12vdc

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    May 4, 2008
    Hello Everyone,
    I have a project similar to ScarEye. However I don't know what I would change and to what value. Here is what I have.

    I have a 24vac security camera power supply. It puts out 14 amps total with a max. output of 3.5 amps on each of the 16 outputs. I need two circuits. One that will go from 24vac to 12vdc 1 amp min. & one that will go from 24vac to 15vdc 1 amp min.

    I can follow a schematic and make a board but I don't know how to figure the values and what I would need.

    I am building some IR LED arrays for my CCTV cameras for night vision.
    the first is a 104 LED array 8x13 the other has 150 10x15. lots of soldering. :(

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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