12v or 5v to 3.3v

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Hi is there is any solution like placing a single IC voltage regulator operating at 3.3v from 12v or 5v to power my PCB for esp modules


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3.3V regulators are readily available. If you want to operate from 5V, you need an LDO (Low DropOut voltage) regulator.

More information will yield better suggestions.


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One way, use an old laptop 19V power supply, and then one of these for each output.
They are cheap on Ebay or similar, and this version can be preset or variable, depending on a soldered link.


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If you have low power (low amperage) requirements you can usually scrap a power supply out of an old satellite unit or an old DVD player. There are plenty of other sources as well.

You need to tell us what voltage you want to run something at.
You need to tell us what amperage the "something" requires.
You need to tell us what your skill level is.
Is there a physical size limit to your project?

This is why we ask for more information.

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More information will help us help you.