12v dimmer switch with LED Indicators?

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9903EFDC-26AD-4509-9ADD-B07345D60EF8.png I have made led volume indicator but how to ad a dimmer switch to work with led indicator?
I want to make 12v dimmer switch with 10 led indicators to lite bar/graph while i am turning dimmer.
See the youtube video


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You see this at link I gave you ?


So you would replace the Rload on pin 7 with a series R and variable R to ground. The R
calculate for max current, R + POT R for min current.

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The video you posted:
"The project based on PIC micro controller provides PWM for LED Lights, its required external Mosfet or DC Solid state relay to drive led, duty cycle adjustable 0 to 100%, Duty cycle can be adjust with potentiometer, Bargraph is to display the PWM level. The solid state relay has high current Mosfet IRFP260 and driven by IGBT gate driver optically isolated opt coupler. Circuits work on 12 to 18 V DC. The circuit also can drive LEDs up to 60 Volts @ 5Amps with heatsink on mosfet, and dual supply 60V for LEDs, 12V for Mosfet Gate driver and Bargraph display cum PWM generator. More info @ www.twovolt.com".

If you follow the link from the video you posted and read the above paragraph it explains how the project was done. The LED bar merely shows the amplitude os a signal and a uC (micro-controller) uses PWM to change the intensity of the additional LEDs. He is using a siganl like 0 to 5 Volts to drive the LM3914 for the bargraph and likely using the same signal to generate the PWM on a uC and as he mentions they use a MOSFET to drive the larger LEDs. You can go to the author's website and look for the circuit used in the video.