12v AC garden lighting circuit- ? convert to 12v DC

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I can't understand why an admittedly old garden lighting circuit wont run on 12v DC, when it was previously running on 12v AC.
On checking, the output voltage is switching from 0.0v to 5V every few seconds, instead of a steady 12v
Could there be some type of rectifier in circuit...or another reason?
The lights are old filament type lights, but are to be replaced once the circuit problem is understood.

Strangely, a completely separate circuit with the same type of garden lights does work on the 12v DC
(Picture shows the 12V DC power supply/old power supply).
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How many lights are on the circuit?
Sounds like the power supply is over loaded.
Those garden lights could be 10 to 20 watts each.

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good question...there are two that work, and one that was broken but still showed power, although this was only 8v rather than 12v when tested...thinking because it was at the end of the long cable?
Maybe if I disconnected these lights and retested the Voltage?

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The DC power supply is most likely a switch mode power supply. Most switch mode power supplies have a strong self-preservation instinct, and when overloaded will cut the voltage. The 0v —> 5v cycling is the power supply starting up, sensing the overload as the voltage increases and shutting down.

Replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs should cure the problem.


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Are the lights LED, incandescent, or other?

Also, are you checking the output with a meter or a scope? A whole lot of strange things can show up as 5 V on a digital meter.



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Measuring AC with the meter set to DC will give you all kinds of weird readings and they will be constantly changing.
Measuring DC with the meter set to AC will give you almost no reading. Set to AC it expects to see a cycle of some sorts. You won't get an accurate reading with DC on the AC setting.


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I can't understand why an admittedly old garden lighting circuit wont run on 12v DC
From this one statement I'm thinking more along the lines of something like this. No particular reason other than this is what came to my mind. Swapping out the 12V incandescent lamps for LED lamps seems like a reasonable swap. As to why it doesn't work on 12V DC I don't know. If someone changed the lamps to LED and powered it from a DC source then there's a chance it may be a polarity issue. I'm just not sure the TS had taken the measurements correctly. (see post #6)
Notice "Interior", as opposed to the TS statement of garden lighting.


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