120v to 240v conversion


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I have an ultrasonic cleaner that is 120v. I have an external transformer, but it is huge and I would love to modify the cleaner to 240v. Is it a matter of changing the transformers and toroidal coil? Or is there more to it?
Potentially, all the safety components would need to be replaced. Passive components would need changing in the PS section, and there may be some frequency dependent aspects (50 vs 60Hz).

There is also possible danger from the design targeting 120V and so isolation of tracks and components being insufficient for twice that.

The bottom line is that unless converting appliances from 120V to 240V is a new hobby you are adopting, it's not worth the trouble. If this is a new hobby, then the first thing to do is learn about AC mains power supply circuits and analyze this one.

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Thanks for the reply guys. It does sound like a bit too much trouble. I do have a light hobby in electronics, though I can see me turning it on and then seeing a big flash, followed by blindness for the next hour haha.
I do have the step-down transformer, but it is such an eyesore! I guess I may just have to live with it!