120 volt motor timer

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R.K. ONeil Jr

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Howdy all,
I am trying to wire an 120volt 20 amp electric motor to a timer and the timer will be 0-60 seconds ( when I find the right one ! panel mount hopefully) I need to be able to hit an momentary on switch and get the motor running for 0-60 seconds and have the motor turn off at the end of the preset time. and the timer reset for the next activation. I would like this to all be a 120 volt circuit. any and all help is greatly appreciated!


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I assume this is a 1ph induction motor? If so that is fairly large for 1ph 120v (3HP).
I would suggest that you use a Special Purpose contactor as these are meant for high cycle times, HVAC systems etc.
Apart from that a timer and momentary P.B.



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