#12 has a lot to be liked for.


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How do you call that? Recursive (function calling itself) or circular reference?

We like #12 because we like #12...as long as installed RAM permits.


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I can't drink tonight, but tomorrow I am going to drink 12 beers in honor of #12.

Oh, hell. I was going to drink 12 beers anyway...

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I'm drunk already... and I've only had six!
I've gotten to the point where just a sip of wine makes me noticeably tipsy; noticeable to me, anyway, I don't think others can notice it). I don't know what a whole beer would do to me (I do know that it wouldn't play well with some of the drugs I'm on). That's assuming that I could gag one down -- beer is best used by pouring it back into the horse it came out of. :D


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Be careful, don't get caught will all of those likes:

EDIT: Sorry the YouTube got removed. It was the Adobe ad about the guy looking for Likes and Clicks who ends up in prison.

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This is embarrassing. The person who most makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck starts congratulatory Threads.:confused:

Nobody asked, but I attribute my success to trying to address each Thread Starter on their level of thinking. Most of them are here because they can't function at the highest levels of academic rigor. It's good to be correct, but education can be fun.:)


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Quite the diverse group you hang out with #12, one who energizes your thoughts and one who sends you dashing for the dictionary.

Unless of course your hair raising is due to meteorological influences since your in an area with the highest isokeraunic levels in the USA.
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