100k NTC Thermistor 4100 Beta Value Looking For Uk Supplier

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    Oct 13, 2018
    Hi all im looking for some 100k NTC thermistors preferably the glass type with a Beta Value of 4100k
    does anyone know where im able to find some, im looking to purchase a bulk amount maybe 50-100

    I have seen lots of 3950 but cannot find the 100k NTC thermistors with a Beta Value of 4100k if
    any one knows any uk suppliers it would be very much appreciated..

    Im trying to find these specific ones so my GHD hair straighteners wont be 3-5 deg too hot, i know most
    of the repair companies are using the 3950 as they are cheap but its not what should be used

    Any help is very much appreciated im from the uk so trying to find a uk supplier i have seen the SMD
    version which are no good to me..
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  3. carlos2019

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    Oct 13, 2018
    Hi all i know mate is that some ghd repairs shops are using the b3950 thermistors this is what i have managed to get
    from the web so far..I'm sure they are testing them at 25 deg, sorry im pretty new to this and i just want to find the
    closet thermistor i can, i know the 100k thermistor B4100 is what should be in the ghd irons but finding them is
    hard..This means they would heat up to around 200 deg and drop to 190 as they should be, but i cant find them
    anywhere so im thinking they are discontinued.. The below is what im looking at trying

    100k NTC thermistor beta value B4100 thermistor / this is the closest one
    100k NTC thermistor beta value B3950 thermistor / 3-5 deg hotter than it should be 193/194 deg than they should be
    100k NTC thermistor beta value B4036 thermistor / 185 deg a little too low <-- these i think would be the best option
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    Apr 5, 2008
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  6. carlos2019

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    Oct 13, 2018
    Thank you all for your input it is very much appreciated the closest i think i have seen is from Dodgy dave
    i will try and find a uk supplier of them and try that type :)..Thank you for all your help its very much appreciated
    no doubt i will be back, if any one else has any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment, as i will be trying
    a few till i get it as close as i can to the temp needed, they are supposed to be at around 190 deg in 6 sec, people are
    saying they should read 100k and 25 deg..'Room Temp'.

    Another issues is the curve which could mean people would be waiting for the irons to heat up for 30-40 seconds
    rather than the 6 seconds, its going to be trial and error, I don't want them too overshoot and take out the
    thermal fuse.

    The easy way would be just to grab the 100k NTC B3950 but that is what every one is doing and letting the
    irons run 3-5 deg over temp, i would rather them 5 deg lower than over, im going to read as much as i can
    and it looks like its going to be trial and error, some say the disc Ntc are very good, the SMD type look like
    another good option although i don't think there would be sufficient surface area to get a decent reading.

    Have a nice week guys and its very much appreciated thank you for your time and patients..
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