1. Govardhanan

    Which wireless tech should I choose?

    Hi all, Think of a school environment, where both closed classrooms and open play grounds, both will be available. We have hundreds of client devices, which we dont want to communicate with each other, but only to a parent network, who will be sending data in say tens of bytes every 5-15 min...
  2. E

    Designing PCB with multiple RF circuits

    I need Tips and recommendations on how to design a PCB with multiple RF circuits. In my case, the PCB includes a GPS receiver, 802.15.4 2.4GHz, and 433 MHz transceivers. I plan to use a GPS module with a patch antenna. The 433 MHz transceivers will have a PCB or ceramic antenna. an external...
  3. A

    Feedback on 2.4GHz Circuit

    Hi, So this is a project that's on its second iteration, having trusted the previous PCB designer and ending up with some expensive PCB-shaped coasters, have learned quite a bit myself and also asked for help from another more experienced engineer. Looking for some feedback on this RF feedline...