zener diode

  1. N

    [SOLVED] Need to identify this Zener diode

    Hello, Can someone identify this zener diode? Looks like its from ON Semiconductor. Thank you.
  2. J

    Dimmer Circuit Simulation Problem

    Hi I am trying to make a dimmer circuit with proteus. But it is not working according to our calculations. I am very new both in proteus and also learning about OP-AMPs. So I am not understanding what's wrong with the schematics. Both the current and voltage is showing zero. Here is the...
  3. fablau

    Why did this zener diode explode?

    Hello everyone. Please, help me to understand why D1 of the circuit below exploded when I increased the voltage to 32v. Everything was working perfectly at 22V, then I increased the voltage to 32v and D1 exploded. As you can see from the schematics, that diode drives nine N-Channel MOSFETS when...
  4. ianjuk

    Overvoltage protection circuit specification. Zener diodes... what wattage?

    I'm awaiting guidance from mods as to where to post this question but i'm looking for help asap so hoping some kind soul can help me out. I am aware this has likely been answered many times so apologies for duplication. 1. I have a wind turbine whose output I am testing. 2. I am using a data...
  5. Angakok Thoth

    Shunt voltage reference in feedback of integrator/opamp?

    I have a common inverting integrators made using opamp (capacitor in negative feedback, +input to GND). I would like to have all these integrators saturate at the same exact voltage. Adding a zener diode in parallel to the cap works, but zeners are 2% tolerance at best and temperature dependent...
  6. L

    Dual supply from single 0v-24v input with zeners

    I see some circuit exemples using oscilators (555 and 74HC14), and some others using isolated supplies or the ICL7660 IC. But all of them have the same problem, current. After some search on youtube, i come to THIS VIDEO , where Wagner uses this circuit: Using the simulations, it works...