1. Swaysceptile

    Trouble simulating the output for a VHDL design code

    A VHDL design code for a remote-controlled garage door opener with sensors is provided to us. It has 8 states, 4 for each door. Testbench is not provided, and I did one (with the help of a testbench generator as well). The output should look something like this: ] I used web application...
  2. learnfromfailures

    Xilinx FPGA decoupling cap layout (traces and vias)

    I have the decoupling capacitors located close to Spartan 7 (<2000 mil). I'm trying to route these and connect it to the BGA pin. According to xilinx UG393, I shouldn't use same vias. PCB layout engineers often try to squeeze more parts into a small area by sharing vias among multiple...
  3. A

    Is python useful for telecom technician ?

    Hello, I'd like to know if python programming skills could be an asset for a telecommunication technician/engineer. Does anybody have some experience with python into the field ? I'm currently studying telecommunication electronics in a College in Montréal, Canada and i hold a diploma in...