wind turbine

  1. L

    Appropriate generator characteristics for small wind turbine

    Hello guys. I am working on a project that aims to implement an MPPT controller for a small wind turbine and evaluate the performance gain compared to having no MPPT. I have built a wind turbine prototype using pvc pipes for rotor blades, 3d-printed rotor hub and nacelle, and a metal pole tower...
  2. B

    IGBT Help

    Hi, i have a small 1.5kW wind turbine which i have hooked up to an turbine protection box. It converts 3 phase wild AC into DC with the addition of a dump load output for grid failures and over speeding. The box is designed to stop the DC voltage of the turbine going above 600v, protecting the...
  3. Lambo Av

    How to shut down a wind power plant?

    Just curious, how do they shut down those wind power plants given their tall structure? What are the procedures to do it? Thanks.
  4. R

    Arduino Mega 2560 controlled MPPT charge controller for small wind turbine.

    I am in the process of designing a MPPT controller for a wind turbine. There are plenty of MPPT boards (with BQ24650 MPPT charge controller ICs) but these are fixed voltage MPPT designs tailored for photovoltaic applications. So I decided to make a simple DC converter (buck boost design, non...