voltage follower

  1. C

    TL072 op-amp voltage follower acts weird

    Hi All, I hope that I am posting to the right forum. After days of searching, reading, experimenting, I still have not been able to find a proper solution which I can tailor to my issue, so it is time to ask you guys. I made a voltmeter which consists of an Arduino microcontroller and an...
  2. Mohsin Anees

    Debugging Constant-Current source

    What I'm trying to do? I'm making a constant-current source based off an existing design. The specs of the existing design are: Existing Design The design is of a constant current source capable of outputting 4-20mA output current from an input voltage of 0-2V. The Problem The problem is...
  3. R

    Op-Amp Voltage Follower Outputs ~+Vcc when IN+ is 0V

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to working with operational amplifiers and so I'm just messing around with a few basic circuits. Had a comparator working fine to switch an LED on/off based on some variable reference voltage, but now I'm trying to get a working voltage follower. I have 2 different...