voltage divider

  1. Bhavik700

    Isolation requirement for Voltage measurement

    I am developing IoT device using ESP32. I am using ESP32 along with ADS1115 for voltage measurement of my equipment. My electrical device operates with following parameter : ~0-5 V DC , 25 Amp with constant current mode adjustment prior to operation. I want to measure this voltage change...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Voltage divider 5V to 3V to replace 2 AAA batteries with DC power supply?

    I have this portable rechargeable battery pack for charging smartphones. It is 5V, 2.4A, and 5000mAh. I would like to use it to power a wireless mouse that normally requires 2 AAA batteries, which is 3V and I'm not sure what is the A and mAh. I made a voltage divider that involves a 220Ω...
  3. Yatin trikha

    Need network resistor, where can i find this?

    I have this network resistor, I need a specific network resistance with isolated and divider resistances. The physical dimensions are approximately 15mm long and 6mm broad base and it has 6 pins. The resistance used in it is may be carbon strip. I have attached a rough diagram of circuits...
  4. F

    ADS1115 measuring negative values

    Hi there, it is clear to me that the ADS1115 cannot measure negative values. I am trying to measure the current on a battery connected to a UPS which can be positive or negative (charging-draining). I am using a LEM which reverse the polarity of the output according to the current flow. The...
  5. D

    Measure voltage on 12v SLA battery with arduino

    I've been reading how to measure voltage using an arduino uno (cheap knock off) analog pin. I have a project that will be powered by a 12v SLA battery. I do have a 7805 to get 5v to the arduino and a few components. I would like to turn on a red LED when the voltage gets down around 11v as...