1. nickhess

    Adapting an old CRT Viewfinder ( 9.3 V DC / 2.7W )

    Quarantine project: Adapting a Sony BFV-20W viewfinder Scroll down to skip the background info As a cinematographer, I've always really felt most comfortable shooting with a viewfinder. However modern electronic viewfinders all exist in the "prohibitively expensive" class of filmmaking...
  2. D

    ID on Old Chips

    Hello I'm sorting through some old electronics bits my grandfather passed on to me, and there are a few chips that I cant ID. Can anyone help me ID the chips in the attached pictures? Thank you in advance!
  3. W

    Roland D-10 Synthesizer A section of 8 keys only work once when pressed

    Hello, and thanks for reading this post, I have a Roland D-10 Synthesizer that plays all the keys after you power the unit up. But if you press E,F,Gb,G,Ab,A,Bb,B. on the second to lowest octave they play once at a maximum of 127 velocity and sustain at that velocity until the unit is...