unity gain buffer

  1. Younes Thabet

    What is the use of an 3-state octal buffer/line driver?

    Hello all, I have encountered an AHC244 chip used to drive LEDs (Something like in the attached image) so I wondered why not just drive the LEDs with the uC pins? And also I have seen this IC used with some PWM signals as inputs to it! in this case, I am guessing the output would be the same...
  2. C

    TL072 op-amp voltage follower acts weird

    Hi All, I hope that I am posting to the right forum. After days of searching, reading, experimenting, I still have not been able to find a proper solution which I can tailor to my issue, so it is time to ask you guys. I made a voltmeter which consists of an Arduino microcontroller and an...
  3. D

    Buffer a high Voltage

    Hello, In my design I need to buffer about 45V-48V and about 30V. For this purpose I want to use two Opamps in Unity Gain Configuration and chose to use 2 ADA4522 (since it has an input range of 0-55V and low a low offset voltage, see attached schematic). In the simulation the buffer circuit...
  4. J

    How to use a unity gain buffer to divide analog signals?

    Hi I am currently designing a circuit where I need to split a single 0V-5V analog signal (coming from a DAC chip) to go to 8 separate IC's. The 8 IC's are on separate PCB's that are connected with a long cable (about 4m max) to the PCB with the DAC. I need the signal that reaches all the IC's...