1. E

    Thevenin's Theorem

    Hello, I am new to solving things using Thevenin's Theorem and I am getting very stuck on a problem. I completed 5 other ones in no time but this one just seems to stump me. I have a program where I can check my answers after drawing out the circuit and I have no idea how to get the numbers...
  2. studyhard24

    Not sure whether 4V is the thevenin's voltage for the load resistance.

    My approach: We find Thevenin's resistance Using the node analysis approach figure out Thevenin's voltage. And finally the current through the load resistance. Am I doing it correctly? Any suggestion or advice is highly precious to me, thank you
  3. student441

    How do I Find Vth With the node voltage method?

    Hello. I'am practicing circuit analisis about the norton and thevenin's circuits and I can't seem to manage to get the right thevenin's voltage using the node voltage for a) For the circuit in Fig. 4.111, obtain the Thevenin equivalent as seen from terminals (a) a-b (b) b-c resolution 1) I...
  4. mooruspuu

    Simplifying circuit for Thevenin theorem

    Hello! I've got this circuit: I need to apply Thevenin's theorem on A B nodes, so far I am having hard time simplifying it to calculate Rth. Here is photo with what I did. 8 is R6+R7. Can someone give me a clue on how to proceed? Mod: Posted photo.