1. lukxa

    Dual switch with two outputs and constant third

    Hello everyone, I made 3 fans for resin 3d printer enclosure. 2 of those are main fans to take air out of chamber and third one is inline fan to push air further down the pipes. I have 2 switches and want to wire 2 main fans to those switches so one switch controlls one fan. How can I connect...
  2. A

    Gate-source voltage waveform in brushless motor drive

    What should be the gate-source voltage waveform of the high side MOSFETs in a brushless motor drive with a trapezoidal control method? Are these parts marked in red in the picture above normal? There is no such thing at the bottom side MOSFETs Schematic: When I reduce the value of R47 and...
  3. J

    Hit and hold circuit for solenoid valve

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I would be grateful if you can help me with this circuit. I attached a circuit I designed for hitting a small electrovalve at 24V and then hold voltage at 5V. The manufacturer give these voltages to work and I have a switching source from which get...
  4. A

    Driving RFP30N06LE N-Channel MOSFET with TC4420 MOSFET Driver

    Hi all, I'm trying to drive a RFP30N06LE N-Channel MOSFET with TC4420 MOSFET Driver. The MOSFET is used to switch a [1W LED][1]. The input to the MOSFET driver is provided by the 5V from an Arduino Nano. But my circuit is not working: it seems that the VDD somehow leaks to the input of the...
  5. PhysicsSolvesAll

    What are the ways to test a switching IC like TOP266EG with a multimeter?

    What are the ways to test a switching IC TOP266EG with a multimeter? I want to check it if it is damaged or not. Link to the datasheet: https://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/663154/POWERINT/TOP266EG.html Here is the DATASHEET picture: Here is the appearence of IC:
  6. T

    Standard LED PWM Frequency?

    I'm trying to determine a standard PWM frequency output for RGBW controllers. I see a lot of constant current LED chips call out a maximum PWM frequency input between 300 and 500 Hz. 1. I assume this indicates that 300 to 500 Hz is standard? I've seen a 12 Vdc 385 Hz RGBW controller pass FCC...
  7. Bhanu2626

    Does the MOSFET in the Schematic will work fine?

    I using the MOSFET IRFB3004PBF switching. 56.2V is a source voltage coming from the charger and 48 is the nominal voltage of the batter. switch S1 is for switching Vgs. Vgs=5 v. Rgs=10k ohms (connected to the gate terminal and battery ground). battery is 13s3p Nominal=48v Peak=54.6v Will MOSFET...
  8. electromeow

    Relay or MOSFET for high current?

    Hi, I have to switch a high current(DC 12V@~60A approx.) for a battery-supplied circuit. But its on-status resistance should be as low as possible. Because you know the Ohm's Law, the I is going to increase up to even 100 amps sometimes, so a very small resistance creates a big difference. I...
  9. stn_93

    Need Help Comrades! - Dark sensitive led flasher circuit

    Hi Guys, hope all's well. I was designing a dark-sensitive LED blinking circuit for myself and need some help. Following is all about my little project. Scenario I want to switch on my LED bank automatically in the dark. There are 150 LEDS in my LED bank. The attachment includes my design...
  10. G

    H bridge problems using IR2110

    Hello, I designed attached circuit to drive H Bridge. My generated input signals are in attached picture, duty cyce that I am using is 40% for each signal, 99 kHz frequency. As result I am getting really bad shape of signal on R9 resistor. I am no getting steep signal when I turning H bridge...
  11. I

    Tying Triacs together

    Will there be a problem with tying the output of two triac based devices together that trigger independently? I want two motion detectors to trigger the same lights. They will both be feed from the same circuit breaker and will be the same model of motion detector, so the triacs should be the...
  12. Joaquin Valdez 1

    HFSSTC-Increase Current in primary/Reducing Switching Loss

    Hello, I have been build this high frequency solid state tesla coil for a while now and have tried quite a few different circuit with some success but ultimately I have fry a lot mosfets in the process, so far this is best I have came up with but I have a few problems. 1. Alot of these hfsstc...
  13. TribbleRED

    Golf Cart Paddle Shifter

    Yup, you read that right... paddle shifters on a golf cart :cool: ***Disclaimer*** Out of respect for you boys and girls I have spent quite some time trying to figure this out before coming here so as to refrain from a drive-by post where the answer could have been found had I tried a little...