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    [SOLVED] Occasional High frequency interference

    I have an AMW monitor F199B that occasionally shows a high frequency interference signal on the display screen. Have replaced the BLM1700M10112 board with no change in the behavior. The remaining board is an FSP035-1PI01ZT power supply. All the caps have been replaced on the remaining board...
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    Need your advices on how can I estimate the voltage at the terminals the thyristor switch

    I am working on a static transfer switch which aim is to allow supplying a load with 2 different sources in order to have a redundancy when feeding the load. The head to tail assembly allow the current to flow in 2 directions (for each alternative of the input current) The working condition is...
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    Heater Power Supply - SCR Phase-Angle Control

    Have this schematic for a Heater Control. Please direct me to an explanation for (R1 + C1/C2) and (R2 + C3). I cannot find any online papers about how to implement phase-angle control. I can only find lots of explanations as to what it is. Specifically, I want to know how would I modify them...