schmitt trigger

  1. T

    Schmitt Trigger vs RC Low pass Filter for signal conditioning

    If I have an application where I don't need to sample a sensor fast at all, and I include an analog LPF, such as an RC filter, does a Schmitt Trigger serve any purpose? Conversely, could I use a Schmitt Trigger instead of the RC LPF and achieve the same results?
  2. StijnC

    Single op amp PWM generator

    Hello, I have to design a single op amp circuit that has only +15v, -15v and GND as input and outputs a symmetrical PWM signal (+V and -V) with adjustable frequency and duty cycle. I have something that works partly but not completely, I can adjust the duty cycle from ±60% to ±100% but af that...
  3. Prasanna K Routray

    Schmitt Trigger with Constant Current Source.

    Hi All, To realise the below circuit I designed a circuit in MultiSim and tried ti simulate. But I'm unable to do so. I would appreciate any help in this regard.
  4. khuranarahul

    Modify Duty cycle by 20 to 50 times

    Hello I have a pulse wave coming from the photo diode, with T(ON) = 50-60us, and total time period is approx 20ms. Since this is too short a period (T1) to be detectable I want to increase it to 5ms, keeping the total time period same, that means I want to multiply the duty cycle by 20 to 30...
  5. Alex_Khan

    Schmitt trigger based NAND gate

    Hello Everyone, If someone can help me to understand how to calculate the hysteresis of the Schmitt trigger-based NAND gate? Which MOSFET's dimension decides the Vth_H and Vth_L? Thanks
  6. S

    Photodiode with TTL output

    Hello, I am hoping that someone will be able to direct me towards the appropriate piece of hardware to purchase. I am a cognitive neuroscientist, hoping to stimulate a specific area of the brain using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The onset of stimulation needs to be precise (~100ms) and...
  7. S

    LT Spice help

    Dear guys, I was wondering about a problem in my designed capacitive sensor, why the simulation is not executed as wished. When I simulate the output difference between Vout1 and Vout2 without connection to the Schmitt trigger it looks like really well, but when I connect it to the Schmitt...