1. K

    RS232 Framing Errors (Resolved)

    Hi, I started reading about parity, flow control and all that jazz, but I am clued out as to how to deal with dropped/corrupt serial frames. The articles say that checking parity doesn't 100% solve all the problems. I am currently using 9600, n , 8, 2. My program uses asynchronous serial...
  2. K

    8085 Assembly Language RIM Command Help Needed (Resolved)

    Hi, I was trying to remove the "spaghetti" from my spaghetti code and now it doesn't work. It displays the banner and then some junk characters in teraterm and doesn't wait for user input: Non-working code: ;8085 Monitor LXI SP,7FFFH JMP START # ORG 0006H ; Banner # DB DATA:20H,0DH,0AH,57H...
  3. S

    Unclear point about the connections on PCB

    Greetings, I have a card that I want do the design and get the gerber. I believe the connection ports on the left are RS232. On the other side of the card the connection lines are clear, what I mean is I can easily see the which line goes from where to where. But on the side that I have...
  4. T

    Is there a TTL-to-RS232 Level Shifter that allows me to select the output either TTL or RS232

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a TTL-to-selectable-TTL-or-RS232 level converter IC. Essentially, my host outputs UART TTL, but the UART client can expect either TTL or RS-232. I cannot find a TTL-to-RS232 level shifter that has an enable pin allowing me to select the output is TTL or RS232...
  5. selva97

    How we select LC filter for MAX3221?

    I have seen a schematic where they used MAX3221, RS232 Driver and Receiver. There they have used LC filter of inductor value 0.68uH and capacitor value of 680pF, but in datasheet they have not mentioned about frequency. Can anyone explain how they selected this value?
  6. R

    TOSLink Transmitter/Receiver and Tinkerforge Bricklets

    Hello all! I'm working on a project that requires data to be sent and received over optic fiber cables, specifically TOSLink cables. Ideally, for this project, I want to use these RS232 "bricklets" made by Tinkerforge, which also have a TTL interface I can connect TOSlink transmitters/receivers...