resonant circuit

  1. S

    Capacitor calculation with real and imaginary parts for a resonant converter

    Hi All, I have designed a resonant LCC converter for my thesis. It has been some time since I visited the theory and believe I used the following document by Robert Steigerwald to select the resonant components: IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF: I was attempting to rearrange this equation for the...
  2. S

    Modelling this circuit

    Hello Leute, I've been having a hard time with my school project and wondered if you could help me. My task is that I have to modell a circuit of wireless charging (seen on the picture). For help I was given this Wikipedia link and later on I was told by my teacher that my main goal should be...
  3. EventHorizon1003

    Active Coupling

    May I ask how do we coupling the two identical resonant circuits by using transistor?