1. ashokraj

    how can I determine the Resistanc and capacitance value in a snubber circuit

    Hi, In the below circuit I would like to know how to determine the the resistance(R9) and capacitance(C6) value ? This circuit is a IOT based fan controller. Here we are using 240VAC, Even though they have shown the values I am interested in knowing how to design a RC snubber circuit for a fan...
  2. IvarsOzolsDB

    300W AC light dimmer mod to 500W

    Bought Stairville PAR56 Active 300W and got a bit dissapointed in light output. So I got wondering maybe there is some mod I could do to put 500W 230V PAR56 bulb in it (originally 300W 230V PAR56) and not fry dimmer circuits. I traced schematic (look in attachments) in high voltage part, as it...
  3. S

    RC snubber circuit for 220V AC solenoid valve

    Hello fine people! I've got a 220v AC solenoid valve which I want to control through a 5v relay module with rasp pi. As I've understood, I have to add an RC snubber circuit in series in order to protect the relay. And this is where I need help. I need to figure out what resistor and what...