1. DonBradman

    Arduino pin getting input with just a physical touch

    So I have a switch connected via two wires to a two pin plug which is supposed to go in a two pin socket. One pin of the socket goes to 5V and the other goes to a digital I/O in the Arduino + GND (via 10K). When the switch is pressed and the digital arduino pin goes high, stuff is supposed to...
  2. K

    When to use Pull-Up Resistors on read/write pins of Memory connected to the 8085

    Hi, I noticed that 4.7k ohm pull-up resistors are used in this circuit on the read/write memory pins: Saundby's MAG 85(scroll down to yellow text), but in other circuits where the read/write / io/m signals are decoded by the 74138 for example, pull-ups are not used? Is it because in the MAG 85...
  3. N

    Can pull-up and pull-down resistors be in the same circuit? (FPGA)

    Hello I need help with FPGA circuit design. I'm using Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A35T. Based on the datasheet/userguide, INIT_B pin must be connected to an external pull-up resistor (4.7kΩ) to ensure clean low to high transition. However, based on the circuit below, we're also connecting the circuit to...