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    16 analog channel oscilloscope for hobbyist?

    Are there any storage oscilloscope options for hobbyists with lots of analog channels, but doesn't cost US$ 20,000 ? I've decided to embark on a silly project to try to add automatic engine start to a tiny Honda EU1000i portable electric generator. I merely need to temporarily disconnect the...
  2. J

    MDO4104-6 Front Panel Not Working

    Hello, My front panel PCB on my MDO4104-6 scope was not responding to push button presses nor knob turns. My oscilloscope automatically was powering up when AC power was applied. The oscilloscope does boot up and channel 1 does appear. However, I can't adjust settings due to the front panel not...
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    Oscilloscope Readings

    Wherever you are on the globe, good morning, afternoon, evening, Could somebody please tell me what the ‘sub-waves’ in these oscilloscope readings signify in the attached image? Many thanks, Gareth