1. Genosphere

    Trouble: Simulator expectations vs constructed circuit; 555timer.

    So I am having some trouble building the circuit I had built in a sim, several to be exact, which all seemed to work the way I wanted them to. Now that I have built the circuit on a board, Im not getting the results expected. Checked wiring and and parts, things look ok. Odds are I have missed...
  2. K

    I need help with my circuit (optocoupler, transistor, relay)

    Hello, i've got a newbie question, i hope some of you more experienced guys can give me an answer. I've recreated a simple circuit, that closes relay contacts using optocoupler and transistor, just for fun and i've found out that it's not working, after some time i've succeded to get the circuit...
  3. Generation

    The ohmmeter shows wrong output resistance of an optocoupler in Proteus

    In the attached Proteus circuit I used optocouplers NSL-32SR3. Its dependence on the LED current is depicted in the attached graph. Unfortunately for some reason the ohhmeters show always 100MOhms, and it doesn't matter on the applied to LED current.
  4. Generation

    Is it valid to create your own model of optocoupler in Proteus?

    I'm modelling an all-pass filter which uses optocouplers with linear output resistance characteristics. The scheme is in the attached file. I was suggested to use any of these optocouplers...