1. Alex_Khan

    Design review: Fully differential telescopic Operational amplifier.

    Hello, I used Behzad Razavi's book to design a fully differential telescopic op-amp [screenshot attached]. Then I follow the same steps to design my proposed opamp, but I am not getting the desired result. Can someone point out where I'm doing mistakes? For your reference, I have attached hand...
  2. Sambeet

    Practical implementation of a Dual op-amp integrator

    I found this circuit here on the web. The post claims of improving the open-loop gain of the op-amp by huge margins, which is true. But if we try to analyse this circuit in MATLAB, we find that this has zero phase margin at cross-over, which gives gain peaking. My question is, can we use this...
  3. H

    Window Comparator_Pull_Up Resistor_Comparator with Push Pull Output

    Dear Team, Do we need to use pull up resistor when designing a Window comparator using a comparator IC with push pull output(like TLV1805 ). Regards HARI
  4. W

    Combing amplifier circuit with low-pass filter using LM358 frequency response messed up

    Hello, I have a problem and until now I was not capable to solve it. I designed two circuits. The first one is to receive the audio signal from a mic and amplify the mic. And the second one is to filter the high frequencies using a low-pass filter. When I simulated them individually the...
  5. H

    Concept of Bootstrapping in Electronics

    Dear Team, I was trying to study about bootstrapping in electronic circuits. When I checked in Internet Wiki says it is a method to improve the input impedance of an amplifier. In the power electronics context, it has another...
  6. H

    Current Sensing Circuit for ASIC Evaluation Board

    Dear Team, I need to design a current sensing circuit for one of my ASIC evaluation board. The ASIC will take the current from 0.5mA to 1mA from a 1.8V Supply. Whatever the current it is taking voltage at Vout should remain constant at 1.8V. Please see the attached circuit . The 1.8V supply is...
  7. robi10101298

    Help with implementation of circuit in LTSpice

    Hello, I need to implement the following circuit in LTSpice but I don't know what VCM, Vg,VCC and C infinite are...Can you help me with the symbols for it? Also, the scheme implemented by me it's ok? Thanks!
  8. Glebiys

    Heating operational amplifier OP284FSZ-REEL7

    Hello, Task: to make a square wave with a frequency of 1 kHz in the voltage range (-12V - +12V), using a PWM signal with voltage (0V-5V). Circuit: Originally LM258WYDT (ST) was used as an operational amplifier, it did not heat up, but since it was not from the Rail-to-Rail series, there was...