1. K

    Like a CD4053BN but with more switches

    Hi, The CD4053B has only 3 identical bilateral analog spdt switches on it. Does anyone know of any chip that has more so I don't have to buy too many of these? Thanks.
  2. R

    Auto increment I2C addresses for PI4IOE5V96224ZLEX

    I am using PI4IOE5V96224ZLEX for one of the project. It's a stackable I2C design, each stack shall have common hardware and will be stacked one upon the other. The base unit shall have an MCU which shall act as I2C master, while all other stacks as I2C slaves. PI4IOE5V96224ZLEX datasheet...
  3. Jsfw7698

    4:1 MUX and 3:8 Decoders from Logic Function

    So I have the next Logic Function: F(A, B, C, D) =∑(1,2,4,7,8,10,13,14,15) And I need to implement a 4:1 MUX with some Logic Gates. And a 3:8 Decoders with some Logic Gates too. Can somebody please tell me what to do? Images are appreciated, I'm a visual learner.
  4. W

    Recursive implementation of combinational logic

    Hello Everyone! I'm trying to implement a recursive implementation of the following function **We are allowed to use also \[ Multiplexer(2^n : 1) \] gates. If anyone has any idea and wants to share it I'd be glad to hear :) Have a great day!
  5. Z

    2:1 MUX in LTSpice using CMOS Transmission Gates, implementation

    Hello. I am trying to create, for a project, a 2:1 Multiplexer using CMOS Transmission gates. This MUX requires 2 transmission gates, so 4 total transistors. I have seen some implementations use an inverter when connecting the Select bus. I am pretty bad at electronics. Take a look at my...
  6. B

    MUX , DEMUX and Adders

    The statement of the problem is to find the YA(D,A,C) and the Y(D,A,C,B) output of the following circuit: