1. mtquinn

    7-segement LED on multisim

    Hello, I am having trouble making the led display anything. Attached below is what I have done so far. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  2. A

    Stopwatch Reset

    Hello there, My teacher assigned my group to make a stopwatch on multisim that meassures minutes (up to 99), seconds and miliseconds with at least 6 displays, a start/stop button and a reset button to make everything go back to 0. I have almost everything done but I have a problem with the...
  3. ẞeekay Kunene

    Motor Driver Unit Design

    Hi I am doing a third-year design project and I have been assigned to do the motor driver unit part. Based on the research I made, I founded out that the single-phase stepper motor can be driven in two ways namely VFD and Stator power supply control. I was able to come across a triac crowbar...
  4. A


    hI friends i m looking file in multisim sofware for poer electronics like dc-dc converter switching power supply for educational purpose thank you very much
  5. A

    FM Circuit in Multisim

    HI friends i draw a circui in multiism for production of a FM signal but not working than k you in advance George