1. C

    Connection of BTS7960 motor drivers to 2 linear actuators and synchronization

    Good day to you all. I have found some problems connecting wires to 2 linear actuators and motor drivers. Link of the source: Syncing Two Linear Actuators using an Arduino | FIRGELLI ( so I am confused why there are 5 wires for each linear actuator and where the three wires...
  2. C

    Can L298N run linear actuator, Sumret SRA6000?

    Good day to you all, i am new in arduino and electrical. I am trying to run the linear actuator model Sumret SRA6000 with motor driver L298N. Will it works? If not work, what motor driver can i use for synchronize both linear actuator and is there any source for reference? Thank you...
  3. Canbo68

    Motor shield on Arduino constantly driving motor1 problem

    I have a pololu dual mc33926 motor driver shield sitting on top of an arduino mega 2560 driving 2 maxon 363789 motors. The arduino is powered by usb serial and the motor driver is powered by lityum ion battery pack. This works fine on one side of my robot. Additionally the other side has exactly...