motor controller

  1. L

    24v BLDC Motor Controller

    Hi i have a 24V BLDC motor. I want to rotate the motor certain angle or laps. The motor have 3 pin that "+", "-" and "GND". I'm not sure what kind of ESC i need use for position control. I found some ESCs but these ESCs have different pin names that "U", "V", "W". What kind of ESC do i need use...
  2. T

    What are some easy ways to block over voltage and regen current from the load to the power supply?

    I have a power supply that automatically shuts off when an over voltage condition occurs. In my case, my load is a DC Brushless 3 phase motor (draws about 600 W) and it's triggering an over voltage condition for the power supply whenever I slow it down. If I don't care about efficiency and I'm...
  3. Lawrence White

    Struggling to get this MC33035 to work, can anyone help at all?

    Afternoon everyone, Getting rather frustated with somethign that seems straightforward to me... I have researched and corrected any mistakes I have made, done a rebuild several times, but can never get this thing to work. draws about 10mA on a 12V test voltage and thats it. nothing seems to...
  4. O

    Motor control 180VDC 2HP, 9.6 AMP. Currently 1 part is being burned up. If anyone has any ideas I would be so thankful.

    For reference, I have included the full schematic as an attachment and the board layout for reference. The general theory of operation: I have a Rasberry pi to act as a UI and the pi is connected to an Arduino via USB serial connector. The Ardunio sits on the board as a hat and this works...
  5. I

    MC-60 Controller Wiring

    Does anybody know the value of C7? It looks as if it blew do to a wiring mix up.