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    Mackie ProFX8 mixer - Low gain fault

    I have an 8 channel mixer where the pre-mix gain doesn't seem to work properly. I tested all the adjustable channels and the error is the same. It doesn't matter if its the mic or line input. Adjusting the gain has nominal effect until they are nearly maxed out. At that point the channel level...
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    Guitar signal blender/mixer - best practice advice needed

    Hello! I am making a guitar pedal which will allow me to blend a clean guitar signal with a distorted/dirty signal from some other pedal. This is the circuit I came up with: CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION: The pedal has 4 signal connectors: IN - inbound clean signal from guitar SEND - outbound...
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    Sound Console Creation

    I want to make my own sound console what are some important things i should consider and recommended stuff im probably gonna need(such as IC's, resistors, capacitors, filters and more)?
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    Summing Amplifier - Revisited

    Hello Everyone again, I have a continuation from my previous problem from my adjustments and testing that I was hoping to get help on. I am doing a multi channel mixer that pipes audio signals to different channels to go to different speakers. My previous post have pointed me to fixing the...
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    Problem integrating a TL072 audio mixer circuit on stripboard

    Hey! So I've been trying to build a modular synth on/off for the last year or so, and one of the most simple projects I thought I should start with is a mixer circuit. I found a really simple circuit schematic and shortly after got it working on breadboard, with absolutely no problem at all...