1. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    PLASMONICS - Exercise

    Hi I'm having difficulties with the plasmonica exercise, I sell some books and scientific publications I came across that there are two or more ways to get the result but I don't know what the correct sequence is. Values: τ, γ and mainly ωp^(2). ωp^(2)= in most of the literature = Design and...
  2. Alex_Khan

    Understanding two Multivibrator models

    Hello, I simulated the two multivibrator models in CMOS technology using the cadence tool. I was expecting the model 2 with Schmitt trigger(ST) will show robustness in PVT (Process Voltage temperature) analysis as compared to model 1 due to ST. But this was not the case both the Models shows the...
  3. Alex_Khan

    Obtainig Low Pass Filter's output signal as square edge.

    Hello I am demodulating a signal. In which Low Pass Filter (LPF) is used to attenuate high frequency modulated signal. The input and outup of LPF is shown. The problem is the edges of LPF output signal is not square [as shown in figure] which result in poorly selection of lower and upper...
  4. Alex_Khan

    Modulating frequency of Multi-vibrator circuit (CMOS technology)

    Hello, I am modulating control signal with Multivibrator circuit in CMOS technology. I use this formula (1/2.2RC) to find the frequency of modulated signal with multivibrator. But my simulation (result) and theoritical (calculation) of frequency is not matching. I am using CADENCE software tool...
  5. J

    LTSpice Simulation will not show the desired result

    Hello, I can't seem to see why the R7 resistor is not showing a current. I've redone the circuit three times and I'm still not getting any result. Is it something to do with the program? I've attached the LTspice file, the circuit diagram, and my simulation results. If anyone can help that...
  6. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    3 questions regarding MOSFET SOI

    What is the parasitic lateral transistor effect (edge transistor)? What is its effect on the Id x Vg curve? What should be done to avoid it? I read the book is not understood this 3 situations? who can help I am grateful. Book: SILICON-ON-INSULATOR TECHNOLOGY: MATERIALS TO VLSI 3rd Edition