1. S

    Why Micro SD card can't log the data when we connect servo motor ?

    Hi guys, recently Iam making a project which includes Arduino Nano, MPU6050, BMP280, micro SD card module and a servo motor. Brief explanation of my project is basically I am trying to collect data from the MPU6050 and BMP280 and log that data with the help of a micro SD card module and the job...
  2. P

    Template Code for dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit

    Hello everyone, So I just started working for the first time with the dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit(dsPIC33EV256GM106) and I was trying to write a simple code where I could switch on and off the LED'S on the board so that I could understand better how to work with the kit. After reading the...
  3. E

    manage 12V pulse and 5V pulse on the same pin

    I have Atmel controller which requires a 12V pulse and 5V pulse during flashing. I have a 12V supply and derived 5V from it using a regulator. But I want to know how can I give the 12V pulse and 5V pulse on the same pin. We can manage to give pulse single voltage level using NPN transistor but...
  4. shibin_varghese

    Connecting USB with MCU

    Hi Friends, Here I am attaching the datasheet of an MCU of STMicroelectronics and a typical pin configuration of a USB 2.0. PA11 and PA12 of the controller are assumed for USB_DM and USB-DP respectively. Can I directly connect those pin to the USB through a series 15R resistor and a TVS Diode in...
  5. samir17163

    Query name of this PCB . Please share your experience.

    What is the name of this? it is unnamed, I want to read information from this, But I don't know exactly name of this, I think that, it is microcontroller. Please share your experience.