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    How do I calculate the Temperature rise in the Ferrite core?

    Hello, This question might seem basic but I would like to state it. I would like to calculate the operating/Rise temperature of the ferrite core of an inductor. I am modelling my own bobbins for the core so I need to decide on the material/filament to use for 3D printing which can take the...
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    Inductance of distributed air gapped core

    Hey, I have got two sets of E70/33/32 core of N87 material, one set with centered airgap of 8mm and another set is un-gapped core. I measured the inductance for N number of turns with centered gapped core and also I measured the inductance with 4mm airgap in the each leg (which gives effective...
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    Use of MATLAB for coding, for simulation in FEMM software.

    I have recently started using software FEMM to see how the magnetic flux lines flow in the magnetic core and solenoid. Now I want to change the value of current in the solenoid to see how the flux lines changes in the core. But for that I needed to do some coding the the MATLAB, but I am not...