logical circuit

  1. anastasiosz

    Logic Design

    Hello everyone! I am a post-graduate student of department of electrical and electronics engineering. I face difficulties on understanding logic design and furthermore, because I don't have some basic knowledge of this, I face difficulties on Computer's Structure too. How can I learn Logic...
  2. mhananda

    Digital Logic Design Questions

    Can anyone help me answer these following questions? Thank you!
  3. M

    Design a synchronous counter flip flop

    Design a synchronous counter counts the sequence of your ID number from left to right. ▪ Your full identification number (each number separately) is displayed on a seven-segment unit for a second, so that the first four numbers are displayed through the counter and then the rest of your number...
  4. unistudent

    comparator circuit help

    How to make a full bit (2bit) comparator circuit using ONLY nand gates. I was able to do a 1bit comparator using only NAND gates, but how about for 2 bit, 4 bit? Wouldnt it be really large. I'm not sure if my class expects us to draw this out. we can't even use xor gates or inverters. i have...
  5. zeinatamer1232

    1 to 6 counter using 74191

    as a school project i am required to make a 1 to 6 counter using 74191 meanwhile i cant really get how it works. After searching and using trial and error method i was able to make it count from 1 to 7 by entering the input 0001 and connection only the first 3 least significant bits of the...