1. K

    RS232 Framing Errors

    Hi, I started reading about parity, flow control and all that jazz, but I am clued out as to how to deal with dropped/corrupt serial frames. The articles say that checking parity doesn't 100% solve all the problems. I am currently using 9600, n , 8, 2. My program uses asynchronous serial...
  2. dmarciano84

    Sequential Manual Switches with Logic Gates

    I am currently working on a project (Tesla Coil) and I built a very simple controller which connects to the neon sign transformer (NST). First there is a main switch which connects to the 120V mains and then a second "activate" switch which provides power to the NST. This is the current design...
  3. vifyrv

    How do I reverse a pushbutton logic with a switch?

    What is the simplest way to reverse the logic of a switch? What I have are audio levels running to a jack or speakers. I figured out how to simply add a Sanwa arcade button to interrupt the flow when it is not pressed and simply complete the circuit when it is pressed. The question: is there a...
  4. sfthdfghjghjg

    7 Segment using D-Flip flop (URGENT HELP!)

    Hi, I need help with writing a state table of 7 segment with 4-bit input A,B, C "Present state", and x "Input".
  5. Swaysceptile

    TinkerCAD 7-Segment Display Not Showing on Simulation

    Hi, I am only on my 5th week trying out TinkerCAD for our Logic Circuits course. We are tasked to create a 7-Segment Display Using Logic Gates only. I did all the boolean expressions needed for each segment using K-MAP, and identified the boolean expression needed to create my circuit. I am...
  6. Z

    Touchless Toggle Switch Help

    Need help simplifying this project as arduino is abit overkill for this application. I am abit noob at electronics and wondering if there are any IC's or modules that will simplify or make this project more efficient. Thanks. Description IR-1 and IR-2 are IR obstacle avoidance sensor modules...
  7. D

    How to draw this logic circuit?

    Hello. This is JK flip-flop. I have to convert it into D flip-flop, that it does the same what JK does. Then I have to draw a logic circuit of D flip-flop. I don't know what to do, can you help me?
  8. GastonJam

    Arithmetic - Absolut Value

    I want to construct a circuit that calculates the absolute value of a signed 4-bit number in two's complement! So the logic here : assuming we have B = b3 b2 b1 b0 . If b3 is '1' then then b is already in 2s complemnt and should be assigned directly to the output else if b3 is equal to '0' then...
  9. pplg

    Keep MOSFET "ON" for a certain time

    Hello everyone! I'm currently designing a simple circuit which is working as I want but I'd like to make sure that I haven't done any dumb mistake. That's why I'm asking here. I'd like a signal to switch ON a MOSFET in order to activate a relay. This signal is usually low (0 VDC) but sometimes...