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    testing load cell

    hello , i have a 40 KG load cell which i doubt that it is work correctly , for test i connected the black wire to negative and red wire that to +5 V electricity then connect white and green wires to multy meter . multymeter switched to millivolt DC , it show -1 V and if i pressure to load cell...
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    Using load cell to move servo

    I have a marble sorting project in which I want to use a load cell to move my servo motor a certain degree. I have calibrated the load cell so it measures my weights accurately, but I need to incorporate code that uses this measurement to move the servo. I'm using the Arduino app with an HX711...
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    Load cell Data(Force sensor) to 2 systems

    Hi Everyone, Curently i have a Tension Compression Load cells(attached datasheet) connected to a Electronic control system which Supply's voltage and calculate the force. Right now i need to send the raw data of the load cell to another complete diferent application. Is there any interface...