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    DC SSR half cycle

    Hi everyone, short version: I've been struggling to find an optocoupler for my application. I think this one could work: Crydom DR06D03 but the datasheet lists the turn-on and turn-off times as "1/2 Cycle" and I don't get what it means since it's all DC on both input and output side. Crydom's...
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    LED lamp - connecting leds in parallel

    I have a question about LED lamp: Quantum Board It has 16 strings of LEDs connected in parallel. Each string consist of 18 LEDs connected in serial. It's supplied with constant current source (with max current 2800mA, what is much more than safe current for single LED/led string). I know...
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    Using 12v brake-light signal as a switch to ground a set of LEDs

    I just want to start by saying I have some knowledge, being an Industrial designer, but I am by no means an expert. I have a set of US taillights, that I have successfully converted to UK regulations (yellow indicators) and I am currently working on a dual function tail/brake light feature. I...