kirchhoff's law

  1. Rynxie

    KCL or KVL problem.

    I tried KCL but I couldn't get the right value. When I use KCL should I accept the branchs that dependent current source in it current i0 or something else. I tried to accept it i0 but couldn't get the right value if I shouldn't what is the current in that branch
  2. abdaelawad

    Calculate the voltage V4 and current i6 of the circuit in the figure using only Kirchhoff and law of nodes and meshes

    I tried to solve the equations I got but when I make substitutions I get to a deadlock where I can't substitute anything anymore. The equations I obtained are: i2=i1+i2 i3=i4+i5 i5=i7-i6 i2=i4+i6 3i2-i1R1-i5R2=0 2v-i2R3=0 -i6R4+2v-i5R2=0 Could someone help me understand step by step what...
  3. enigmaHacker

    How to calculate resistance in the R-circuit ?

    In this simple R-circuit the voltage v = 24 volts, now I want to calculate R; for which I have tested multiple methods like KVL in all four meshes but I got stuck in KCL since direction of currents are not very clear. Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Sana Allah Kheiri
  4. U

    PN junction seems to violate Kirchhoff law? Where am I wrong?

    Hi everyone, I am studying the PN junction and I have learnt that in open circuit condition it has a built-in voltage (here called B) determined by the difference in fermi level of its n-doped and p-doped parts. Then we can apply, for example, a forward bias, this will lower the voltage...