1. Rynxie

    KCL or KVL problem.

    I tried KCL but I couldn't get the right value. When I use KCL should I accept the branchs that dependent current source in it current i0 or something else. I tried to accept it i0 but couldn't get the right value if I shouldn't what is the current in that branch
  2. K

    Find unknown current from CCVS circuit.

    - My Goal ; find Ix from given Cicuit - What I've tried ; Use KVL (at Loop1 )and KCL (at Yellow Node) to express arbitrary current with Ix * I use KCL at right above blue arrow, then got \(i_1 = I_x -4\) This is the equation what I've set up \[ 4I_x + 2(I_x -4) + 2i_2 - 2I_x = 0\...
  3. enigmaHacker

    How to calculate resistance in the R-circuit ?

    In this simple R-circuit the voltage v = 24 volts, now I want to calculate R; for which I have tested multiple methods like KVL in all four meshes but I got stuck in KCL since direction of currents are not very clear. Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Sana Allah Kheiri