isolation transformer

  1. J

    Block transformer ratings interpretation

    I have a small Block FL4/12 transformer laying around for which I expected the output to be 12V RMS on secondary side but I'm measuring different values. It is a dual winding transformer on primary as well as secondary side with ratings 115V for each winding primary side and 12V for each winding...
  2. Dan Aronin


    Hi all, I'm interested in assembling a circuit that will be capable of CONVERTING 220V TO 5V@2A 10W (Edit: AC TO DC) The issue is that I manage to find only PRICEY, HUGE TRANSFORMERS like this. I know there are small circuit (example) available for purchase, so my question is - Where can I...
  3. John Czerwinski

    Isolation Transformer or Variac

    I'm building my test/repair bench (I'm a hobbyist). I've been reading and watching videos on needing a isolation transformer to protect test equipment (oscilloscope) , and the tester (me). I'm wanting to know that best route to take. Should I get a single output isolation transformer or a...