1. BrokenPin

    what best bus transceiver to translation from a 3.3V to a 5V/3.3V environment ?

    Hello guys, I need to interface my 3.3V MCU IO ports to a connector that will be connected to either a 5V or a 3.3V system. I learned about the SN74LVC4245A, an 8-bit bus transceiver with two separate supply rails VCCA(5V) and VCCB(3.3V). but in the datasheet, it states that the control...
  2. K

    8085 Address Decoding

    Hi, I think that this looks correct, please confirm. I am ONLY showing my connection to the 62256 32k x 8 ram CE pin that I added to the web page picture, slide 15: When A13,A14,A15 are all low, the 2764 should be selected. When A15 is high, the 62256 should be selected. Keiichicom
  3. K

    How do I connect multiple 8255s to an 8085?

    Hi, I am ok on connecting one 8255 i/o chip to an 8085 mpu with an 74138 3 to 8 decoder chip but I am fuzzy on how to connect multiple 8255s? Can somebody please enlighten me, thanks?
  4. N

    8051 microcontroller operating like Solitaire - University Assignment

    I was tasked with creating a certain 8051 microcontroller project by my professor and I am keen to build the project all by myself, however, in order to carry out the given assignment, I may need some expert guidance. The project description is provided in below paragraph. The microcontroller...