1. mouhkramo

    Using Cobra3 basic-unit

    How to add doppler effect to the interface of cobra3 wich came just with gaz law measurement. IS there any alternatives to use those phywe équipements to measure that effect ?
  2. A

    10G Ethernet & Optical transceiver

    Hi, I'm planning to use Intel Stratix 10s inbuilt 10G Hard IP. My questions as follows, 1. Is it rite that we can't use copper ethernet cable for speed greater than 10G, we have to use optical cable only? 2. Optical transceiver - Female connector & optical fiber connector - male which mates...
  3. Z

    How to interface CMOS image sensors with 32-bit Microcontrollers?

    I've been learning to program 32-bit ARM cortex-M controllers with an STM32 Nucleo (L476rg Nucleo). I've been playing with interfacing and controlling stepper motors so far. My next step is to move on to machine/computer vision and incorporate image sensing however upon some searching (hopefully...
  4. M

    Connecting two ethernet MACs without PHYs

    Hi, I am designing a board that utilizes an NXP LS1046a processor and multiple Kintex Ultrascale FPGAs. The plan is to connect the processors up to the three FPGAs via the 1Gbe links. Since they are all on the same board, the plan was to try and connect them up without using any PHY devices...
  5. Elusive

    How to make a momentary switch deliver a pulse on one circuit, while also closing another circuit until it is pressed again

    It has been over a decade since I've done anything circuit related, and I found out the hard way that I have forgotten basically everything. I am trying to make a buttonpanel acting as an input interface for PC using an arduino. I want to have 32 different momentary inputs in a 4x8 matrix. My...
  6. M

    Trying to figure out LVCMOS Interface - Will this work?

    Hi, I am trying to see if this interface will work. I am worried about the Vol to Vih relationship as there is no margin. The vendor of the driver thinks it will be ok. Here are the parameters: Driver: Voh=2.3V (min), Vol=0.8V(max) Receiver: Vih=2.0V(min), Vil=0.8V(max) So as you can see...