impedance matching

  1. E

    High resistance in Resonant LC circuit

    Hello, I have an RF generator that outputs power at 6.78Mhz with an output impedance of 50 ohms. I want to use this for induction heating and have seen it work great for my application. I have wound my coil around the piece I want to heat and measured : inductance (1.9940micro Henries)...
  2. B

    Altium Impedance matching for PCB Antenna

    Hi I'm designing a new product with 2 layers, 1mm PCB, FR4, 1oz copper and a TX 433MHz PCB Antenna, we already use a very common model from the internet in our products (Application Note 52 - MICREL) and works fine, but learning more about RF i founded some things: 1: For 433MHz you should use...
  3. S

    suggestion to optimize impedance matching of linear amplifier output

    Hi Sir, I have a linear amplifier circuit as below, description of each stage from left to right : linear amplifier : an OPAMP linear amplifier with output resistance around 3 Ohm back-to-back diode : for some reason I have to add this diode to block the noise from amplifier output PCB trace ...
  4. T

    Looking formation on whole-house audio -- specifically impedance matching.

    I've done lots of internet searches looking for information about how impedence-matching volume controls work. Never found a thing beyond the fact that some of these things use auto-transformers, and some are purely resistive (e.g. L-pads). The problem I have is when you have several rooms...
  5. Longschool

    Looking for RF dielectric heating consulting

    Hi, first time posting and first time on the forum please remove if not allowed I was wondering if I can connect with anyone here on whatsapp that could offer some RF consulting for a design I am working on? I am currently trying to set up dielectric heating with a parallel capacitor utilizing...