identify electronic part

  1. E

    Resistor identification assistance please..

    Hello, looking for assistance, I am used to identifying resistors by the colour code. I have a pair without colour code, these were soldered though hole in a power supply PCB for a Bang and Olufsen television. The PCB is about 8 years old and the failure seems to be commonplace at this age...
  2. Iamatechnician

    Need help identifying a components

    I have a broken Honeywell model 1902 barcode scanner I want to repair. There is this component labelled "o6409" as shown in the attached photo. Is there anyone with information about this component? Thanks.
  3. Deadpidgeon37

    identifying a transistor from a 70s microphone

    i have a sony stereo electret condenser from the 70s. one of the transistors has failed but i cannot identify the transistor. can anyone help? the code reads K39A CI2 the microphone is an ecm 99 if that helps.
  4. F

    Help Identifying a Through-hole Transformer

    Hello, I need help identifying this transformer from a LED driver. 45C389J41 P.S. Why can I almost never find anything online from the markings on these small yellow transformers.
  5. Younes Thabet

    Does anyone come across this semiconductor manufacturer?

    Hello, I am trying to identify this IC (see attached image), the part number is clear enough to know the chip but I couldn't figure out which chip manufacturer from the logo on the IC! The PN is AHCT244 which is an octal buffer/driver. One more question, why there are some parts that are...
  6. Younes Thabet

    How to find the right part number for a transformer?

    Hello, I have a schematic of a flyback power supply that i am trying to design a pcb for. But i couldn't find any part number for the transformer in the attached image.. Can someone teach me how to find the right part number for transformers? Or help me find this particular one with the...
  7. Younes Thabet

    How to search for a part number in Altium Designer libraries?

    Hello, I have a schematic in a pdf format (generated by Altium Designer) which has the below capacitors labeled LEC692. My first guess was this must be the Part Number but I didn't find it in the "Miscellaneous devices" library!! And also looking into the internet didn't give anything!! Can...
  8. masterasp

    Help identify this component.

    On my previous thread, I really want to find a replacement of a U1 component, now I take a new closer look photo of that component but it have a missing parts of manufacturer code, please help identifying this component.
  9. masterasp

    Need help indentify burnt out component

    Hi, please help me identify these burnt out components from Xiaomi FIVE Smart Sterilization Lamp (U1 and R2) All help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Jorne

    Component identification - resistors? [solved]

    I have some old electronic components that I got from someone who repaired TV's, radio's... I assumed these were resistors, but the measured resistance doesn't match with the color code. For the ones with the brown body (see picture), I have two of them with the color code...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Need to identify this Zener diode

    Hello, Can someone identify this zener diode? Looks like its from ON Semiconductor. Thank you.
  12. Sampler1

    Identify part in Oscillator Circuit

    Hi, I found an oscillator circuit and there are two parts not identified. IC1 and IC2. The symbol looks to be Zener diodes but There is no value .Would anyone have an idea what they could be? Please see The schematic ,bottom left corner Best regards to all, Stay safe.
  13. M

    Help! Identify the IC

    Came across this IC from my car dash. I believe it to be the microprocessor and need help identify it. The IC in question is the one marked IC15 (the biggest one) in the image below. Additional, would appreciate if anyone could guide me as to finding out the logic stores in the IC. Thanks in...
  14. S

    Unknown Manufacturer's Logo

    Hello All, I am trying to identify a part for replacement, and I can't find the part number or manufacturer anywhere. On the 3-pin, TO-220 package, there is a picture of two diodes with common anode to the center pin. The logo is a cursive HB, or perhaps the H is stylized as an F. I can find...
  15. quaabster

    SMD Transistor Identification

    Hello, I need some assistance identifying this smd component on an LCD inverter. It is marked DK and then QM right below it. I have another identical board which is a newer revision and the same part is marked DK however with QS below it. My preliminary research on s-manuals seems to indicate...
  16. M

    Identify Unrecognized Small Black Cylinder

    Found an unrecognized black plastic cylinder (1-3/4 inch long X 3/8 inch diameter) labeled “S-10” in my Dad’s miscellaneous electrical ‘junk’ box. Self-tapping screws approx half inch long protrude slightly out each end. Resistance between the screw tips is 11740 ohms, and there is no concentric...