hall effect sensor

  1. A

    HE sensor and Potentiometer together

    Can I use HE and potentiometer together for feedback on a linear actuator? What are the benefits of using both methods?
  2. DonBradman

    Role of Pull up in reducing noise in a hall effect sensor.

    What decides the choice of value of pull up resistors in hall effect sensors? I have flow sensing system with a hall effect sensor. I was facing some erratic behavior when trying to take out known volume from this sensor. Sometimes it would give out the desired volume in a particular pulse...
  3. boodlefin

    Flow sensor integration with the Car electronics system

    I need to integrate a Fuel flow sensor mentioned here to the car dashboard system, so as to display the flow readings on the dashboard screen and/or to a seperate display screen when fuel passes through the sensor . I'm specifically using this device which has a Working Voltage: DC 5V~18V...
  4. S

    Meaning of Remanence Flux

    Hi, I am currently working on the design of a Hall sensor circuit. In that I have to select a magnet. Application is similar to Proximity sensing. Magnets are characterized by the Remanent flux density. I understand as the distance from the magnet increases the flux decreases in the fashion of...
  5. K

    What DAQ? device can I use to read a Gear-Tooth Speed sensor?

    Hi I am trying to measure a speed of a rotating shaft that has gears on it for the Hall effect sensor. There will be 3 speed sensors. What device can I use to measure this speed sensor? The sensor produces a pulse with each passing gear tooth which produces a square wave. I figured that if I...
  6. E

    Remove DC bias from a square wave

    I have a square wave output from a hall effect sensor that is DC-shifted by about 4V. If I understand the image below correctly, the output of the hall sensor is a square wave between 4V and 7.5V, and that the output is DC-shifted by 4V. Is this interpretation correct? If yes, how do I remove...