guitar pedal

  1. PattyT

    Single Pot in parallel to control 2x identical gain controls

    Howdy all, I've recently been stepping away from my regular field of auto-electrics and diving into the world of DIY guitar pedals. I've come up with a concept that I'm interested to try, and was hoping to gain some feedback as to the feasibility or the usage case for a potentiometer. In...
  2. Z

    Guitar effect on stripboard, tips for ignorants

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I am not an electronics guy, but as an engineer, and a fairly manual person, I think I will be able to juggle enough. I want to build a guitar pedal from scratch (starting from "easy level"), to help me I used a graphic app on which to convert the diagram...
  3. E

    Questions about electronic components for guitar pedals

    Hi! I'm planning on making my own guitar pedal (boost) and have some questions. Is through-hole technology or SMD recommended? I see that most pedals are made with THT and not SMD, does anyone know why? One thought I had was that space isn't an issue in guitar pedals, generally speaking, since...
  4. S

    oscilloscoper analysis from my final project (about guitar pedal effects)

    im doing a final project about making a guitar pedal effect, and my lecturer ask me to compare it to commercial guitar pedal using an oscilloscope. i made 4 effect, reverb, echo, chorus, overdrive, all of this effect showing almost same result as the commercial effects, but the reverb one doesnt...