1. Younes Thabet

    How to use ground stitching and shielding?

    Hello guys, I was wondering when ground stitching 2 ground layers, what kinda pattern and spacing I should follow to place vias? and should I use more vias near components/pads that dissipate more heat? As for shielding, Is it only used in RF boards or it doesn't matter!! And if someone can...
  2. I

    Pcb Design: ±Vcc, ±5v & ground planes.

    Hello, I'm currently designing my first Pcb and I don't know how to stack-up the layers. I The following list shows the components i'm using in my design: Arduino : +5v Ad9833 module: +5V Amplifier : ±Vcc or ±5V Multiplier (Ad633) : ±Vcc (Vcc > 8V) Switched Capacitor Filter (Max293) : ±5V...
  3. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    why does 1/4 wavelength have a ground plane and 1/2 wavelength needs no?

    why does 1/4 wavelength have to have a ground plane and 1/2 doesn't? I know that an antenna that has half a wavelength does not need the ground plane (example a dipole antenna) and when using a wavelength of 1/4 it is usually necessary to have the ground plane (planar antennas [PCB]). My...