1. DvirIL

    Designing a Delayed MOSFET switch Circuit for Voltage Transfer on a PCB

    I am seeking guidance for the design of a circuit on a PCB board. The intended function of this circuit is to facilitate the transfer of a 24 V voltage from the input to the output through the utilization of a load switch (SIP32429DN (datasheet), 3 A maximum). This transfer should only occur...
  2. DvirIL

    Pushing a button press from a driver to 3 different transistors with tree state logic

    I am working on a project within my company that involves a relay board used to control three different motors when an external 24V button is pressed. The existing setup works based on this principle. Now, I have been tasked with designing a new board that maintains the current logic while...
  3. G

    Help Identifying Component

    This part came off an ESC on a drone. I think it's a fet but can't find any info..Please help.
  4. UrielML96

    AGC with FET

    hello, I have to build an automatic gain control using an FET and an Operational Amplifier, for a phototransistor (SFH314) so that when the signal of an IR LED is weak the AGC maintains the signal, and when the signal is strong reduces it, the gate of the FET I have to control it with the...